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Sports fitness weekend"

release time:2015-09-25

Recently, Lu'an city in the dragon river park style square huge, crowded, flying dance. From Yu'an District 17 villages and towns (street) more than 500 square dance lovers gathered together, show dancing, competition in the region the second session of the square dance contest first prize.

Since the beginning of this year, every weekend, whether urban or rural, everywhere visible Yu'an district sports enthusiasts figure them or in small groups of intense rehearsals performances; in communication on the sports field or troop packet learn, weekend life more colorful and flavor.

In order to comprehensively implement the "Yu'an District of the National Fitness Program (2011--2015) and Xi Jinping general secretary" to commemorate the Yan'an Forum on literature and art "in speech, enrich the amateur sports life of urban and rural masses, cadres and workers of normal working days of intense mood to relax, to encourage and guide people to properly adjust the regular and healthy living, Yu'an District propaganda, culture, sports and local sports associations and other scientific arrangement, elaborate organization, to make full use of the holiday and weekend time, organized to carry out all kinds of sports and fitness activities. It is understood, since the beginning of this year, Yu'an District convenient weekends have launched a "Yu'an District ZiJiaYou fitness ride", "Yu'an District Arts Festival", "the well-being of the Olympic Badminton Invitational," Yu'an District in the second square dance contest "and" Yu'an district staff badminton competition "and other series of cultural and sports activities. Yu'an District weekend style "heatwave" filled in every corner of the urban and rural areas, "holiday style, the weekend is about" has gradually become the pursuit of people's health and lifestyle.


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